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How to Resolve the License Issues of Trend Micro

If any of our systems is without the antivirus program then we can’t take the risk of keeping our confidential documents, files or folders stored in them. Hackers do have the ability of transforming the information, using it for illegal purposes or simply exploiting it. The antivirus programs were introduced to keep an eye on malicious activities.

The best antivirus programs such as Trend Micro don’t let anyone even peek into our systems. They scan our monitors thoroughly and get rid of all the bugs. It’s a technology and if you ever come across any issue regarding its license, you can simply solve it on your own.

Before continuing with the further steps, ensure that the OfficeScan server and Control Manager (TMCM) are on their latest builds.

Directly from the OfficeScan

  • In case you are using update information, make sure that there should be an internet connection. The OfficeScan server should connect to the Customer Licensing Portal (CLP) via HTTPS to be allowed to get the information.

  • In case a new Activation Code will be given, verify the AC’s expiration date to ensure that you only use the right one. Utilize the CLP to verify (it requires login), on connect with your Trend Micro Sales representative.

Using TMCM to update the OfficeScan Licenses

1. In case the Deploy License profile feature has been used:

  • Internet connection should be there. The Control Manager server should connect to the CLP via HTTPS to be able to get the information.

  • Confirm that the Activation Code has been extended with the CLP or via the respective sales representative.

3. In case a new activation code will be deployed, verify the AC’s expiration date to ensure that you use the right one. Utilize the CLP or you can contact the concerned person.

If you need any sort of help with respect to the above-mentioned topic, you can reach to us via our toll-free number or online chat services. You can contact us at any time around the clock. We are available 24x7 to help you.

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